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At the age of 24 Ryan started writing words of inspiration and rhymes, he says; "which became a significant outlet for me to express my spiritual side of my character". In that same year his first eight poems were published on Poetic Portal by invitation with a group of respected poets - one of the eight is the above poem COME TOGETHER which was then also published in a book of collective poetry called "Surrender To The Moon" available in libraries throughout the United States.

With the love and encouragement he received from his Baha'i Community, family and friends he published his selected works. Working along side him as a duo, his mother, who is the artist behind the poetry display in his first book "Treasured Portraits.." which started out as a family project to contain Ryan's uplifting poems and Janet's artistry working together celebrating the arts. From there he has continued to write spiritual inspirational poems and has published another soul stirring book, with gentle words and heartfelt emotion, sharing with us God's message of love, joy and lightness "Hallow Reed The Master Within".


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My goal is to write my poetry from the heart then to share it with others. A special and close friend of mine said to me “what we create must be shared because there is someone out there that has wished to see or read that special creation”. How wonderful it is when someone is delighted when we had became brave enough to share our work with them. The world truly craves the elevating beauty of art that uplifts the soul.

By the means of writing my experiences in short poetical form and then sharing my poetry has become truly a remarkable journey. The responses that I have had with people of all ages has been deeply rewarding for me, how it is capable of truly touching a person’s heart as the poem speaks to them or even yet helps them in some way.

I prefer to focus on the beauty of reality in my poetry and not to be cynical. I have come to realize, a great lesson in life, that "darkness is the absence of light; ignorance is the absence of knowledge". We have a need to express the spiritual inner truths we have come to learn and feel deep within. My inspiration comes from a place of an enriching experience.

Poetry is a wonderful exercise for stimulating the brain. Becoming open to new experiences, and a change in previous ways of thinking about ones experiences is the key. The fruits that can come from revealing our inner expression can help our spirit to soar and reach such great heights that it can branch to other grand opportunities as we expand our thoughts and become progressive with our writing.

I wish for you many enriching experiences and grand opportunities on your journey through life!

Sincerely, Ryan Daniels

PS: I would like to leave a quick note here and possibly you might agree that we humans need educating in all aspects of life and more importantly the soul.

To become united and have common global perspectives or principals of reality to live by, perspectives that create peace. I believe our true destiny. It is that we love one another as we love ourselves. Having spiritual qualities like kindness, courtesy, respect, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, patience and the like. 

I would like to introduce The Baha'i Faith in respect to these noble traits and goals to bring in the peace on earth so saught after by the peoples of the world.

The Baha'i Faith is today a recognized independent world religion. The history and teachings center around the Nobel person of its Founder Baha'u'llah.

The character traits He has displayed throughout the course of a long and turbulent life, His comprehensive body of written works, and the impact He has already had in the world, undeniably qualify Him as a major figure in world religious history.

Bahá'u'lláh has taught that there is only one God, that all the worlds religions represent stages in the revelation of Gods will and have been the chief civilizing force in history.

He says:

"He Who is everlastingly hidden from the eyes of men (God) can never be known except through His Manifestation, and His Manifestation can adduce no greater proof of the truth of His Mission than the proof of His own Person." He goes on to say "These Birds of the Celestial Throne (Propets) are all sent down from the heaven of the Will of God."

Such as; Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Zoroaster, Buddha, Krishina, Jesus, Muhammad, and now since 1844 The Bab and Baha'u'llah. Whose common purpose has been to bring the human race to spiritual and moral maturity.

He tells us in His message that humanity is now coming of age. It is this that makes possible the unification of the human family and the building of a peaceful, global society.

( The Baha'i Faith- learn more..)


Thank you for stopping by and
I wish for you many enriching experiences and grand opportunities on your journey through life!
Ryan Daniels