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Far beyond our imagination
There is a great destination
From our preparation
We will see the great dispensation.
To help our situation
In this mass of complication
Of our own creation
Open our heart
Let the Universe
Contribute to our Nations.
By Ryan Daniels

Ryan's spiritual inspirational poems about life tell a tale of inner strength and light that potentially exists in us all, a journey of exploring the inner spiritual self reveals a love that has manifested itself through his poetry, a love, which contains infinite possibilities.


  • “View Poem: "Immortal Bliss"

    Once you start reading his poems, you will not just be “reading,” you will be pondering, realizing, and internalizing the things written. You will be brought into a world of sudden calmness. It seems like you will be transported into a new dimension, one that makes you feel something you’ve never felt before, an inexplicable feeling for which words are insufficient to describe and elaborate. They evoke genuine happiness, something that money can not buy. Spiritually uplifting words artistically penned, indeed! ”

    Liz Journa
  • View Poem: "The Divine Of A Rose"

    A verse about enlightenment, elucidated by beautiful metaphors of the sun and the rose. The first stanza reminded me of Gautama Buddha's philosophy of "Kshanabhangavada", i.e the ephemeral nature of all material things. I loved the expression "feed the soul" and the lines that followed speaking of the journey from a "seed" to a "rose"... Spiritual and splendidly so! ”
    PhD in Physics Institute of Science, Poetry
  • “View Poem: "What's Knocking"

    Lovely and learned. Very uplifting and hopeful - succinct with just the right amount of words to express your point so eloquently. I am reminded of a quote by Mozart wherein he said, 'To talk well and eloquently is a very great art but to know the right moment to stop is an even greater one. You have succeeded. Siddartha/Artist, Poet, Educator, African and Contemporary Art Historian”

    Artist, Poet, Educator, African and Contemporary Art Historian


  • “View Poem: "The Spirit Of The Horizon"

    "Reading Ryan Daniels has always been a great delight for me. My Impression of him is that he writes inspired pieces of poetry -- quite delectable to the heart, the mind and spirit. An analogy that instantly comes to my mind is one of "nectar" -- his inspirational poems nourishes and uplifts your spirits. To me, he is like the English Romantic poet Shelley's skylark who embraces the dark blue in his flights and from those lofty heights sings with full-throated ease of humanity's essential nobility and goodness. And his poetry has a certain charismatic power to make us believe in ourselves. To read his poems is essentially to enter into a soulful communion that brings us closer to all of God's creation in a spirit of loving kindness and compassion, even as it exhilarates our hearts and fills our minds with the sublimest of thoughts. I have no doubt Ryan's poetry will instantly endear itself to the readers and affect them with a blitheness of spirit that will catch on."

    CR Mittal
    Poet and Scholar
  • “View Poem: "The Changing of Humanity"

    “Ryan Daniels writes in a way that is relate-able and captivating to all, whether religious or not. The imagery he projects into our minds with his thoughtful words and subtle rhyme scheme is exquisite yet simplistic.

    Daniels' poems about life fill readers with hope. Not just hope, but the will to live to the fullest and the ambition to achieve a life of beauty. This hope helps foster a belief that there is a life after the physical world ends for each individual. Even for the not-so-religious person, the world Daniels creates is a, 'heavenly,' place to visit.

    When I was recommended Ryan Daniels' book I was skeptical at first because I am very particular about poetry that uses strong, dreamlike imagery. Once I read, "Immortal Bliss," I knew I had found a poetic genius. Daniels really stands out against many poets who do not really get to the heart of the topics they choose to poeticize."

    Nicole Reptar
  • “View Poem: "The Conquest"

    "His collection of poems are filled with inspirational insights ˜ One can witness his soul into each poem with delicate sensitivity and optimism for a better universe.

    Jocelyne Marchand/Connoisseur

    View Poem: "Immortal Bliss"

    ... I did like this piece. It came across with a powerful feeling of hope and joy. Smooth in it's flow, it easily breathed it's images in the mind and heart. Aaron/Poet

     "I found Ryan's poetry to be very uplifting, and full of optimism. I love the way that he references nature in many of his works, and paints beautiful images with his words. Many of his poems are spiritual in nature, without being overly or overtly religious, so that people of any/every faith can find inspiration in them. It takes a skilled writer to eloquently express feeling and emotion, and Ryan does an amazing job in just a few short lines, every time." Emery/Writer

    Joceline, Aaron & Emery
    Connoisseur, Poet, and Writer


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Ryan Daniels